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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: VALLEYS Issues Statement Regarding Mikey Clement

For Immediate Release
February 8, 2016
VALLEYS Issues Statement Regarding Untimely Passing of Vocalist Mikey Clement
New Single "Choices" Dedicated in his Memory 
Tribute Event this Friday, February 12th @ The Southland Ballroom, Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC modern progressive metal group VALLEYS have been gearing up to release their debut full length concept album, Experiment One: Asylum, which is set to hit stores on February 12, 2016. On February 5th, just a week prior to their scheduled release, the band received a phone call from the local fire department that a vehicle matching the description of the car owned by one of their vocalists, 23-year-old Mikey Clement, had been found wrecked. It wasn't long after that they received the news that Mikey had passed in the accident.
As a group, VALLEYS made the decision that while they could put a halt on the entire album release, that is not what Mikey would have wanted them to do. He would have wanted the show to go on and for them to release the music that he and the band worked so hard on.

A launch of the track "Choices" had been planned for release today, and VALLEYS decided to remain steadfast and release the track, dedicated to the memory of Mikey Clement. The track is one of Mikey's favorite songs on the album - resonating, soaring and heartfelt - a perfect tribute. Heavy Blog is Heavy has the track up for streaming here:
In celebration of Mikey Clement's life, VALLEYS will still perform at their album release show on Friday, February 12th at The Southland Ballroom in Raleigh, NC (614 N West St.). Now being treated as a tribute show dedicated to his memory, the show will feature several local and regional metal vocalists standing in for Mikey, including Paul Huffman of A Boy Named Sue, Chris Roy of Take Heart, Dylan Barham of Blessed By The Broken, and Chris Walsh of Dear Desolate. In addition to VALLEYS,other bands performing will include Her EchoThe Death In MeA Boy Named SueTake Heart, and Guard Her Ways. For more information on the event and to RSVP, please visit the show page here.
VALLEYS' performance previously scheduled for this coming Wednesday with Fleshgod Apocalypse has been cancelled. Another event is currently being scheduled with proceeds benefitting the Clement family - more details will be announced soon.
VALLEYS official band statement:
"Many of you have heard and seen the news that we've lost Mikey Clement. Early in the morning of February 5th, Mikey was the victim of a horrific car crash, one that took his life. Today, we lost more than just a bandmate, we lost a brother, a son, a friend, an all-around tremendous human being. Everyone here in VALLEYS have been by each other's side, and at the side of the Clement family.
We have seen the outpour of support and love from all of our friends and fans, and we thank you. All of your comments have been extremely touching and have helped us to stay strong in our time of need.
On February 12th, we will have our Experiment One: Asylum CD release party. This show will also be a big tribute show for Mikey. We need all of our fans and friends to come out and show love for not just VALLEYS but for Mikey. At this show, VALLEYS will be joined by many of our closest musical friends to part take in guest vocals on stage. We will continue to move forward, that's what Mikey would want. We will see you on February 12th.   
And to Mikey, in death, you will see the light. Keep that flame alive up there buddy. Until we meet again!"
VALLEYS'new album Experiment One: Asylum tells the story of main character Asylum, who battles with multiple-personality disorder stemming from a dark personal tragedy. Each track on the album explores a different personality, weaving the listener through a mind of severe mental illness with a dynamic, heavy soundtrack. "Choices" depicts Asylum's struggle over what he could have done and the choices he could have made that would have impacted his situation differently.
Preview more of Asylum's story with the band's first single "Finding Solace", which depicts his struggle with overcoming multiple-personality disorder, and via the short film music video for"The Death of Me" (directed by Jaiden Frost of Jaiden Frost Presents), which transports the viewer back to the beginning of the story.
Experiment One: Asylum was recorded during the summer and fall of 2015 and is produced by Paul Barton of 415 Recording, with mixing and mastering duties handled by Todd Borland of Borland Studios.
In support of Experiment One: AsylumVALLEYS will launch an upcoming U.S. spring tour - more details are set to be announced regarding the tour in the coming weeks. See below for currently confirmed VALLEYS performance dates.
February 12th @ The Southland Ballroom
Experiment One: Asylum CD Release/ Tribute to Mikey Clement
614 N West St, Raleigh, NC
Doors: 6pm
Show: 7pm
Tickets: $6 21+/ $10 21-
February 21st @ Drunk Horse Pub
106 S Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville, NC
Doors: 6pm
Show: 7pm
February 29th @ Greene Street Club
Sumerian Records 10 Year Anniversary
Line up: Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, After The Burial, Erra, Bad Omens, Valleys
113 N Greene St, Greensboro, NC
Doors: 6pm
Show: 6:30pm
Tickets: $18 ADV/$20 DOS
Check out more official media from VALLEYS here:
Play-through video "Mountains Meet Oceans":

Formed in 2013 in Raleigh, NC, VALLEYS has quickly grown into a dominate force in the genre of progressive metal with countless tours and a 2014 release, the Reborn EP, under their belts (Reborn digi | physical). Walking in the footsteps of bands such as PeripheryVeil of Maya, and Tesseract, VALLEYS triumphed over their local and regional scenes while expanding their national recognition with each passing day.  In fact, VALLEYS are officialwinners of the 2015 Headbang For The Highway Battle of the bands for Summer Slaughter Tour, endorsed by COLDCOCK Whiskey. To date, VALLEYS has performed with bands such as Motionless In WhiteStick To Your GunsTerror, and more.
VALLEYS Experiment One: Asylum line-up:
Jayson Mitchell- Vocals
Mikey Clement- Vocals
R.J. Riggle- Guitar
Brandon Scurlark- Guitar
Brandon Clement-Bass
Robert Meikle- Drums

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LIVE CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY and Review: Mainland & Marianas Trench

Concert Review:
Marianas Trench
By: Song River

When the sounds of new DIY emo/punk take a turn and encompass straight up rock n roll you get a flavorful mouthful of duo combinations Mainland and Marianas Trench out on tour. The Hey YOU Guys! Tour as Marianas Trench supports their new album, Astoria, is encapsulation to blow your rock n roll mind.

Opening for Marianas Trench on part of their Hey You Guys Tour 2016 was the band Mainland. Grab that cab and floor it to the nearest event/venue to see Mainland perform. This dynamic rock band careening blambastically towards the sounds of rock bring their love for New York City, where they are from, into each spinning tune across their sound stage. From their moment the Mainland fans caught a glimpse of their boys: Jordan Topf (vocals/guitar) , Corey Mullee (guitar/synth) , and Alex Pitta (Bass) the audience was screaming accolades of adoration. I think if the girls could have they would have climbed over the barrier and ripped Jordan's clothes from his body.

According to their bio on SoundCloud, Mainland signed with 300 Entertainment and headed to the west coast shores, making California sunshine a part of their makeup. Wait. How does NYC and Los Angeles, Cali form a union? Well, evidently Mainland is the answer, because this emo/punk/brit/rock was the kick ace combo that brought two opposites of juxtaposed cultural and social being into a sound that is rallying the masses. Mainland can and should be their own headliner. No question they can. The enticement brings a throwback sound forward to a modern day rock twist. A combination of sounds forming melancholy dance beats with up tempo hip swings. Their set brought Mainland fans “Not As Cool As Me” and their newest “Outcast.” The group played their 30-40 minute set with eagerness, passion, and fantastic interaction with the audience, engaging them as Jordan climbed down into the pit and played his guitar up close and personal with their fans. A complete show and the audience wanted more. Always leave them wanting more boys... Mainland is hot.

Marianas Trench formed in 2001 and it seemed to be destined that lead vocalist/guitarist/producer/lyricist John Ramsey would come to this place in time as his
whole life has been a musical in play. Reaching back into his early childhood with musical parents, struggling with some of life’s most difficult challenges, self-worth, lead to anorexia nervosa and even a bout with heroin addiction. A culmination that certainly gives way to his insight and capability to really write songs that have a deeper meaning beyond the quid pro quo of 'boy meets girl' yada, yada. Marianas Trench exhales their talents out of British Columbia. The band solidly consists of  Josh Ramsay (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, pianist, occasional drummer, and songwriter) Matt Webb (lead guitarist and backing vocalist), Mike Alley (bass guitarist and backing vocalist), and Ian Casselman (drummer, percussionist, and backing vocalist).

The house lights went down and a single bright spot light followed a tall, willowy, punky glam blonde with cheetah leggings, a black sheer over-shirt unbuttoned and gnashingly clunky Gothic boots across the stage. My what a presence John Ramsey has! It wasn't but in an instant that John's showmanship abilities were all too self-evident and his power to take their latest album, Astoria, into full force. The audience indeed was witnessing true rock n roll glam/emo/punk/rock and for one moment... I felt the presence of David Bowie's years of Ziggy play a little smile upon his Major Tom lips. You couldn't deny it, John in many ways whether he realized it or not came across in his persona, and Marianas Trench sound to honor many of the late 70's to 90's rockers. The power of John's vocals at times even reminded me a bit of Queen's hierarchy. All through their set Marianas Trench took the past and present and made It everything the future of music could muster.

Rocking through the fine set with the song from their album titled: “Astoria,” to “Celebrity Status,” from their album Masterpiece Theater, the played “One Love,” “This Means War,” and “Who Do You Love” off their current album during the set. Mixing in “Burning Up,” “All to Myself,” “Pop 101,” and “Cross My Heart” into their main set and sounding off their encore with “Good to You,” “Haven't Had Enough” and “End of an Era” Marianas Trench delivered all and more to their audience. Synchronized with the audience, spot on with the sounds of today Marianas Trench is the quintessential go to band for those of us who still dig those early days of emo/punk with John's current dash of glam. Hailing all the way back to their beginnings Marianas Trench has been a fun band pulling in not only from their core, but bringing in a variety of rock listeners. Skateboarders, to The Cure, flipping over to Bowie and tying in powerful showmanship to great songwriting and playing you’ve a definite mix only Marianas Trench delivers time and time again. 

Spartan Records: Secret Stuff Debut EP "This Is Fine"

spartan records logo june 2015 use this one

Secret Stuff Streaming Debut EP 'This Is Fine' on New Noise

EP Out Tomorrow On Spartan Records

secret stuff b w 1
Nashville's Secret Stuff are premiering their debut 5-song EP, This Is Fine, onNew Noise.
The EP will be released digitally and on 12" vinyl and cassette, tomorrow (Friday, January 29) on Spartan Records.
Engineered and produced by Jon Hicks (Relient K, Haste the Day, Dance Gavin Dance) in his aptly-titled studio, Jon’s House, This Is Fine captures the angst and misery of formative years, set on the backdrop of struggling to do even that. It focuses on shortcomings, the burdens of stress, overly critical self-analysis, and coming to terms with it all (the acknowledgement of which is where the title originates).
Pre-orders are available here.
The band is currently wrapping up a tour with label mates The Foxery.
Tour Dates
1.28.16 Denton, TX - Gatsby's Mansion
1.29.16 Little Rock, AR - Vino's
1.30.16 Memphis, TN - TBA
Praise for Secret Stuff:
"…passionate, emotional indie rock that’s rough around the edges but sweet in the middle.” - Substream
" Full of honest musicality and heart-on-your-sleeve lyricism, this ep is guaranteed to garner a lot of attention when it drops."- Couch King
"With the way that this three piece bares all on this EP, it’s hard to believe that they go through such an emotional journey in only five short songs, and it only makes one wonder what they’ll be able to accomplish on any future releases. This Is Fine promises a bright future for Secret Stuff, and by the end of the EP, you’ll be rooting for them, too." (Rating: 5/5)- The Prelude Press
"...this is a band showing plenty of promise. The EP conveys a lot of emotions and the musicianship is top quality. It will be interesting to see where they go with a full length release."- The Punk Archive
"...a really great EP with some excellent musicians working together to create some spot on melodies. Secret Stuff should be proud of what they have made ...this is certainly a band who in the future are going to be a force to be reckoned with."- Thinking Lyrically

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: INCITE Releases New Track "Stagnant" Plus More!

INCITE Releases New Track 'Stagnant', Announces New Album Details + European Tour
New Album Oppression out April 22, 2016
Produced by Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence, Every Time I Die)
Pre-Order Here | Listen to the New Single Here
 Artwork by Dan Seagrave
Outspoken, opinionated and heavy beyond belief - politically-driven heavy metal purveyors
INCITE has risen up the ranks, creating a name for themselves and proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Positioned at the top of their game in the new year, INCITE is ready to drop another full-length record chock-full of hard-driving anthems, their first since 2014's
Up In Hell.
On April 22, 2016, the wait will be over - INCITE will release their new album Oppressionvia Minus Head Records. Produced by Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence, Every Time I Die) at Omen Room Studios in Garden Grove, CA during the fall of 2015, Oppression promises to deliver a level of ferocity, groove, and darkened melody unlike ever before. The album will feature guest vocals from Connor Garrity of All Hail the Yetiand Jose Mangin of Sirius XM Liquid Metal.
Take a listen to the aggressive first single cut from Oppression, entitled 'Stagnant', now via the band's official Soundcloud page:
Oppression is available for pre-order now via the INCITE Bandcamp page. Order your copy here:
Vocalist Richie Cavalera states, "This new album is without a doubt the one we're most proud of - to date. It's the most organic and aggressive album in the bands career. Working with Steve Evetts was a life changing experience for all of us. We learned and tried things that we never would have before, and were really able to harness the raw live energy that you get from our shows.
We added a lot of new guitar work - more complicated solos, effects, and not to mention the vocal sound and structure is on a whole new level. Oppression is the rebirth of good old classic American Metal."
INCITE is about to embark on a 37-date European tour with Soulfly and King Parrot, kicking off this Friday, January 29th in Nottingham, UK. The first 17 dates of the tour will feature Lody Kong as special guest opener.
INCITE European Tour Dates with Soulfly and King Parrot:
1/29 - Nottingham, UK @ The Rescue Room
1/30 - London, UK @ O2 Islington
1/31 - Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
2/2 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Academy
2/3 - Belfast, Ireland @ The Limelight
2/4 - Glasgow, Scotland @ King Tuts
2/5 - Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
2/6 - Norwich, UK @ The Waterfront
2/8 - Bristol, UK @ Motion & The Marble
2/10 - Paris, France @ Point Empemere
2/11 - Toulouse, France @ Connexion live
2/12 - Victoria, Spain @ Jimmy Jazz
2/13 - Valencia, Spain @ Rock City
2/14 - Zaragoza, Spain @ Centro cultural
2/16 - Schaffhausen, Switzerland @ Kammgarn
2/17 - Lucerne, Switzerland @ Schuur
2/18 - Lindau, Germany @ Club Vaudeville
2/19 - Milan, Italy @ Fabrique
2/20 - Pordenone, Italy @ Il Deposito
2/21 - Vienna, Austria @ Szene Wein
2/22 - Salzburg, Austria @ Rockhouse
2/23 - Wurzburg, Germany @ Posthalle
2/24 - Dresden, Germany @ Scheune
2/25 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Roxy Club
2/26 - Katowice, Poland @ Mega Club
2/27 - Wroclaw, Poland @ Alibi
2-28 - Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
3/1 - Luxembourg @ Atelier
3/2 - Gent, Belgium @ Vooruit
3/3 - Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Doornroosje
3/4 - Aarhus, Denmark @ The Train
3/6 - Oslo, Norway @ John Dee
3/7 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser strand
3/9 - Helsinki, Finland @ Nosturi
3/10 - Joensuu, Finland @ Kerubi
3/11 - St. Petersburg, Russia @ Glavclub
3/12 - Moscow, Russia @ Yotaspace
Stay tuned for tracks, videos and more coming from INCITE soon!
Over the years, INCITE has toured alongside the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Soulfly, Throwdown, Cavalera Conspiracy36 CrazyfistsAnaal Nathrakh and more. Moreover, they've been praised by everybody from Kerrang! and Revolver to ARTISTdirect. In addition,INCITE has reached Top-40-status on Sirius Metal Charts with tracks like 'Army of Darkness' and the Devil's Dozen on Liquid Metal with 'The Aftermath'. Revolver also named 2012's All Out War its "Album of the Week" upon release. In 2014, INCITE released what many consider to be their breakout release, Up In Hell, which spawned several singles and music videos. Shortly after, the band released a re-issue of their first album, The Slaughter.You can order The Slaughter now via iTunesAmazonSpotify, and BandCamp, and Up In Hell, via iTunes or Amazon.
Check out some recent INCITE videos below:
"WTF" Music Video:
"Fallen" Music Video
"The Aftermath" Lyric Video
"Up In Hell" Lyric Video:  
"Hopeless" Music Video:
"The Slaughter" Lyric Video:
For more information INCITE, please visit these websites:
Richie Cavalera - Vocals
Lennon Lopez - Drums
Christopher "EL" - Bass
"Dru Tang" Rome - Lead Guitar
Kevin "Dis" - Guitar (writing only)

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