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"Sometime Last Night" Tour

R5- Concert Review
(Upcoming issue of Vents Magazine)

0822/15 Song River

Could it be that the heat was on, and the current was the electrification the sold out crowd needed to explode the summer night of R5 along with openers: DJ Ryland and Jacob Whitesides Indeed all the right levels of voltage came together as the R5, “Sometime Last Night Tour” has been illuminating the rock pop scene all over this summer!

An audience of young teens, along with moms and dads, all were treated with a monumentally visage of excellent music, fun, and good times along the way. With DJ Ryland pulsating his masterfully skilled mixes intertwined with some of today’s hottest pop hits, he brought the audience to a dance in motion. During DJ Ryland's set, the band members of R5 came out and blasted Ryland along with his captivate audience of adoring fans with water blasters, cooling off the over heated music lovers, but rallying the intensity of sheer pop rock enjoyment. As DJ Ryland gave his half cocked grin, smoothed his blonde locks of hair back and leaped upon his DJ table the crowd was his and he set the stage for the next headliner... Jacob Whitesides.

Jacob Whitesides, hailing from Knoxville, Tn, at the young age of just 17, has been duly noted as the next big thing coming from the Radio Disney scene, and has a Twitter and YouTube following that excels all melodic pop sensations. With most of his notoriety beginning with cover songs, Jacob Whitesides debut EP, “A Piece of Me,” shows that his potential has arrived, and the long-span of time for a young crooner to hit the scene has notably succeeded. Jacob carries a confident presence of ease and assurance, with a smile and dreamy eyes to melt a young girls heart, all while being able to show he is very capable of carrying a mature crowd easily on his own. “Let's Be Birds,” from his debut EP is getting noticed for its lyrical content, and instrumental canopy. Jacob could easily sit alongside and perform with Macy Gray, Chris Isaak or Harry Connick Jr and be marvelous. Jacob Whitesides was the perfect middle for the layered show of pop rock.

R5. What is it about Ellington, Ross, Rydel, Rocky and Riker? Is it hip because they are family plus one? Could it be because they are all hottttt and their fans can't get enough of their posters to hang on their bedroom walls? OR is it possible that what makes R5 absolutely fabtabUlistic is... they actually can sing, write great lyrics, masterfully play their instruments and interact well with each other on stage and with their audience? All adding up to a premium pop-rock 'n roller delivery as their fans so well deserve!

Sometime ago pop had lost its truth, its essence, as it was all hidden under layers of synthesizers, electronics, facades of plastic parts that tasted like a bad generic brand of melted cheese on soggy white bread. R5, however, has breathed in rock n life roll back into pop rock and it tastes supremely excellent! Full throttle to the 'nth from beginning to the end! R5 gave their adoring crowd more than they had ever imagined possible, complete satiation. Mixing in tunes from their latest full-length second album, “Sometime Last Night,” and pleasing the older members of their audience with covers of Prince's, “Let's Get Crazy,” and their mix of verse and chorus of Marvin Gaye's, “Let's Get it On,” over to their cover of Lady Gaga's, “You and I.” From R5's opening with, “All Night,” everyone was ready to join in and party all night!

A personal favorite of mine (as the early influences of Michael Jackson funk and dance are def being channeled on this track), “Dark Side,” get's your groove into the move. There isn't one track on R5's latest album, “ Sometime Last Night,” that misses a piece of each of R5's members personality. Tending their own sound souls of what is and feels like is their music passion. All was well worth the journey to bring a worthy beat of needed pop-rock to their fans collection. A fun-filled pitch of energy, music, hanging with friends, and dancing to a feverishly hot good time rock n roll night!

R5's, “Sometime Last Night,” has now been uploaded on my iPod and my pop-rock n roll heart.

All Night
- Heart Made Up on You
- Let's Not Be Alone Tonight
- Dark Side
- Cali Girls
- Easy Love
- Loud
- I Know You Got Away
- I Want You Bad
- Let's Go Crazy (Prince cover)
- Lightning Strikes
- You And I (Lady Gaga Cover)
- Let's Get It On (verse and chorus of Marvin Gaye cover)
- F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D.
- Repeating Days
- If I Can't Be With You
- Did You Have Your Fun?
- (I Can't) Forget About You
- Wild Hearts
- Ain't No Way We're Goin' Home
- Smile

Phoebe Buffay & Taylor Swift
Truly the CAT'S Pajamas!

Finally, after all the times I have watched and rewatched "Friends" episodes, Phoebe Buffay gets her famous song, "Smelly Cat," the attention it deserves!

Taylor Swift is always looking for those moments of creating memories and bringing her friends on stage to have some fun.  Not to be missed was Swift's fifth performance in Los Angeles with her friend Lisa Kudrow. Lisa joined her Wednesday night and the audience went MEOW!

Who needs a "Friends" reunion now is what I want to know... Swift and Kudrow you are the cat's pajamas of epic awesome!

Watch the video here:   Smelly Cat

Hawthorne Heights
new single "HURT"
Earshot Media

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Hawthorne Heights Post New Single Off Upcoming 'Hurt' EP, Out September 18

hawthorne heights hurt single
Hawthorne Heights have posted their new single "The Darkest Times" off of their new EP titled "Hurt" out 09.18.15. You can hear the new single here OR at the InVogue Records YouTube Channel. HURT is the final EP in the band's 3-EP series. The previous two EP's were titled HOPE & HATE and are available now.
You can pre-order HURT here.
All pre-orders include an immediate download of "Ohio is For Covers", a five song bonus EP of cover songs recorded by the band for this special release.
Catch HH at one of the following upcoming shows.
August 28 @ NMSU Corbett Outdoor Stage, Las Cruces, NM
August 29 @ ICE 757 Fest @ Peabody's, Virginia Beach, VA
September 12 @ Park Rock Fest 2015, Mechanicsville, MD
September 13 @ The Champ, Lemoyne, PA
September 25 @ The Outpost, Kent, OH
September 26 @ KOI Fest, Kitchener, ON
October 18 @ The Slidebar, Fullerton, CA
October 23 @ Hawaiin Brian's, Honolulu, HI
October 25 @ Hard Rock Cafe Maui, Lahaina, HI
December 18 @ The Warehouse, Washington Courthouse, OH
December 19 @ The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

Funeral Advantage
Update from
Earshot Media

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Funeral Advantage Streaming New Album 'Body Is Dead' On Substream; LP Out August 28 via The Native Sound

funeral advantage aug 2015
Boston's Funeral Advantage is releasing a new LP 'Body Is Dead' this Friday, August 28, via The Native Sound.
Pre-orders are available here.
The album is streaming in full, exclusively on Substream.
Funeral Advantage will play a series of shows in support of the LP at the end of September. See dates below.
What others are saying about Funeral Advantage:
"...a dream-pop stunner... Tyler Kershaw guides the band through dream-pop landscapes that easily size up to contemporaries like the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Wild Nothing as well as clear influences such as the ’90s jangle-pop movement."- Substream
"A dreamy indie pop meditation."- Bullett Magazine
"Funeral Advantage’s sound isn’t as dour as its name suggests, and 'Body Is Dead' already sounds like an ideal soundtrack to late summer."- Stereogum
"...stirs emotions with reverb-soaked hooks..."- Boston Globe
"There is a fine line between dream-pop gold and listlessness, but Funeral Advantage has slipped into the ideal state of reverie.."- Noisey
"It's shoegaze drowned in a sea of reverb... but there's sweet pop melodies under all that haze..."- Brooklynvegan
"...dreamy, luscious..."- Absolutepunk
funeral advantage tour body is dead

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The Montreal International Reggae Fest 2015.

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